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Who we are

Green Teacher is a non-profit organization which publishes resources to help educators, both inside and outside of schools, to promote global and environmental awareness among young people from elementary through high school. The organization’s primary activity is the publication of Green Teacher, a quarterly magazine full of teaching ideas from successful “green” educators. Each issue of Green Teacher offers perspectives on the role of education in creating a sustainable future, practical cross-curricular activities for various grade levels, and reviews of the latest teaching resources. Other Green Teacher publications to date include five resource books for educators: Greening School Grounds: Creating Habitats for Learning, Teaching About Climate Change: Cool Schools Tackle Global Warming (also published in French as Des idées fraîches à l’école: Activités et projets pour contrer les changements climatiques), Teaching Green: The Middle Years, Teaching Green: The Elementary Years, and Teaching Green: The High School Years.

Green Teacher is governed by a six-person board of directors and has a staff of three at our office in Toronto, Canada. Staff members are Tim Grant (Co-editor), Gail Littlejohn (Co-editor), and John (Editorial Assistant). All writers, reviewers, and regional editors contribute their time and expertise to Green Teacher magazine as volunteers.

History of Green Teacher

The original Green Teacher magazine was launched in 1986 by Damian Randle, then Education Officer of the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, U.K. Focusing on environment and development education, the magazine aspired to present articles and activities useful to K-12 educators across the English-speaking world. Regional addresses were established in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The U.K. Green Teacher ceased publication in 1993. Prior to that, in early 1991, high school teachers Tim Grant and Gail Littlejohn had launched a separate North American edition of Green Teacher from Toronto, Ontario. Assisting in this effort were a group of volunteer regional editors who were recruited to help promote the magazine in their areas and to seek out “green” educators who would be willing to write about their teaching strategies and programs. The magazine was all-Canadian in its early days, but a growing U.S. readership through the 1990s gradually led to its becoming more North American in scope. Today, about 45% of Green Teacher subscribers and contributors are in the U.S., about 52% are in Canada, and the rest are in more than 35 other countries around the world.

Financial Support of Green Teacher

Green Teacher is funded primarily by the sale of its publications, but this revenue alone does not pay all the bills. We also seek grants from government agencies and private foundations, and we have a number of loyal Sustaining and Supporting Subscribers. Sustaining Subscribers donate $500 or more each year to help create a solid financial base for the magazine. Supporters are individuals and organizations who generously pay a little bit extra for their subscriptions in order to help keep Green Teacher afloat.

The Department of Canadian Heritage of the Government of Canada, through the Publications Assistance Program, subsidizes the cost of mailing Green Teacher magazine to subscribers in Canada.




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