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Teaching About Climate Change:
Cool Schools Tackle Global Warming

Tim Grant and Gail Littlejohn (editors),
Teaching About Climate Change: Cool Schools Tackle Global Warming, Toronto: Green Teacher, 2001, ISBN 086571-437-1, 80 pages, 8½ " x 11", Grades K-12





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Helping teachers and students to tackle the challenging topic of climate change, this anthology from Green Teacher offers a framework for teaching fundamental concepts and a variety of activities that can be undertaken in school, at home or in the community. Teachers will find practical ideas for making the intangibles of climate change more concrete to students, including experiments that demonstrate the greenhouse effect, school energy and waste audits, and hands-on explorations of energy and transportation alternatives from solar cookers to bike-a-thons. Up-to-date lists of learning resources and related organizations round out the collection of the best of Green Teacher on the topic of climate change.

What people are saying ...

“Teachers and students will gain a comprehensive understanding of global climate change by participating in activities found within Teaching About Climate Change.The hands-on, minds-on teaching strategies will engage students in the critical thinking skills they will need to make important decisions about their energy use both now and in the future.”
– Jennie Lane, Director, Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program, Steven’s Point, Wisconsin

“It’s time to live our talk, and where better than in our schools? There’s lots we can do to protect the biosphere on which we depend. This book provides valuable lessons – that we affect the world by the way we consume, travel, work and play, and we can influence that world by deliberate action.”
– David Suzuki, geneticist, broadcaster and author, Vancouver, British Columbia

“Look in your classroom. The kids facing you are the ones who will pay for climate change. Many of them have the life expectancy to celebrate 2100. Teaching about climate change is not a choice. Not anymore.”
– Claude Villeneuve, Saint-Prime, Québec, author of Living With Climate Change.


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