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Teaching Green - The High School Years: Hands-on Learning in Grades 6-8

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The subject codes shown in brackets are as follows:
A = Art; All = cross-curricular; B = Business Studies; H = Home Economics; L = Language Arts; M = Math; O = Outdoor Education; S = Science; SS = Social Studies; T = Technology

Approaches to Learning

Teaching for the Future: Systems Thinking and Sustainability by John Goekler (L, S, SS)
From Learners to Leaders: Using Creative Problem Solving in Environmental Projects by David Bauer, David Hetherly and Susan Keller-Mathers (S)
Teaching Controversial Issues by Pat Clarke (L, SS)
Integrated Studies in Systems by Pam Russell (L, S, SS)
Tamarack: Responsibility, Community and Authenticity by Bill Patterson (L, O, S, SS)
The Small School: Human-scale Education by Satish Kumar (All)
Environmental Industries Co-op Education by John Perry (L, M, S)
Education for Sustainability: An Ecological Approach by Marc Companion (All)

Learning about Ecosystems

Discovering Lake Management by Matthew R. Opdyke (S)
The Tantramar Wetlands Centre Project by Chris Porter (A, S, T)
Using Epiphytic Lichens as Bio-indicators of Air Pollution by Andrew Kett, Sonia Dong, Heather Andrachuk and Brian Craig (A, M, S, SS)
Carbon Cycle: Measuring CO2 Flux from Soil by Robert Lessard, L. Dennis Gignac and Philippe Rochette (M, S)
Tank Tips: A Freshwater Aquarium in the Classroom by Rebecca Holcombe (L, M, S, SS)
Nitrogen Pollution: Too Much of a Good Thing by David A. Bainbridge (M, S, SS)
Living Systems in the Classroom by Mark Keffer (S)
RiverWatch: Science on the River by Cal Kullman (S)

Living Sustainably

Eco-economics in the Classroom by Susan Santone (B, SS)
Measuring Your School’s Ecological Footprint by Julie Sawchuk and Tim Cameron (S, SS, M)
Choosing Our Future by Jan Cincera (S, SS)
Linking Trade, Human Rights and the Environment by Tricia Jane Edgar (B, SS)
Planet Transit Game: Profit or Survival? by Georgi Marshall (B, SS)
Global Morning: A Consumer Awareness Activity by Mary Gale Smith (B, H, SS, L)
The Debate about Hemp: A Role Play by Sara Francis (SS)
Teaching About Biodiesel by Richard Lawrence (S, T)
Making Biodiesel from Waste Vegetable Oil by Alison K. Varty and Shane C. Lishawa (S)
Small-scale Science by Alan Slate (S)
Green Driving Lessons: Oxymoron or Opportunity? by Tim Altieri (M, SS)

Making Interdisciplinary Connections

Green Mapmaking by Robert Zuber and Wendy E. Brawer (L, S, SS, T)
Connecting Students with Special Needs to the Environment by Lynn Dominguez and Mary Lou Schilling (O, S)
Exploring the Earth Charter by Linda Hill (SS)
Walking into Wonder: Observation Walks by Cynthia Macleod (A, L, S)
Building Green by Jennifer Wolf (T)
Ancestral Arts by Elizabeth Lorentzen (A, S, SS)
GIS in the Classroom by Marsha Alibrandi (S, SS, T)
Voices of the Land: A Course in Environmental Literature by Emma Wood Rous (L)
Social Justice and Language Arts by Christopher Greenslate (L)
Designing a Green City by Iori Miller and Susan Sheard (L, S, SS)

Exemplary Models and Programs

Global Field Trip by Rosemary Ganley (SS)
Tips for Successful Overseas Projects by Alana Robb (SS)
The Earth Community School by Frans C. Verhagen (All)
Soy-powered Learning by Gail Littlejohn (S, T)
The Steveston Fish Hatchery by Bob Carkner and Barry Barnes (S)
The Living Machine at Darrow School by Lisa Riker (S, T)




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