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Inexpensive Bulk Digital Subscriptions
for Colleges & Faculties of Education

For Colleges and Faculties of Education interested in purchasing a bulk digital subscription, we have created a scale of prices based on the number of pre-service, in-service and graduate students in their programs over the course of a year. Please consult the list of prices below to determine the cost for your institution.
As an incentive, all teacher education institutions that purchase a site licence for the first time will also receive full access to the digital versions of most recent 6 issues of the magazine. This provides all education students and staff with instant access to a substantive collection of both new teaching ideas and activities for each grade level, as well as many reviews of exciting new educational resources.  
In addition, we provide a 12% discount per year for multi-year subscriptions. For an extra $10 per year, colleges and faculties of education can subscribe to Green Teacher's print edition. (The regular price for a one year print subscription is $34.)
It remains our hope that these inexpensive digital subscriptions to Green Teacher will provide a useful vehicle to promote environmental literacy amongst thousands of education students and faculty each year.

Digital advantages

• Digital issues arrive earlier than the printed copies

• The electronic format enables readers to search for key words

• Every website listing in the magazine is hot-linked, providing quick access to additional information about a topic or a new educational resource

• We've recently upgraded our digital edition to simulate the feel of holding a paper copy with quick zooming, scrolling, and page-flipping functions. The improved version also includes a number of other new features like the ability to add customized notes and bookmarks which remain in your digital edition each time you access it.

Click here to view a free digital issue of Green Teacher!

How this works

When a college or university purchases a bulk digital subscription, its designated contact person will receive an email each time a new quarterly issue of Green Teacher is published (plus an email for the bonus six back issues). These emails contain website addresses and passwords that allow users to view the magazine online in an interactive format, download it as a PDF, and/or print it. The contact person can make this information available to staff and students by whatever means they choose. Since both the passwords and the URL for each issue are permanent, users can access the issue at any time in the future. 

What if I only want a subscription for students in one or two courses?
Individual professors and instructors can choose instead to purchase a site licence for their class. The price would be based on the number of students who will have access to the digital version of Green Teacher. Please see the list of prices to the right.

To order:
• By phone: phone
• By email: email
• Or, fax a purchase order to: fax



Table of Prices:
(prices do not include GST/HST in Canada)

No. of students
& staff





























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